The Travel Fellowship: Take Your Education on an Adventure

Anshuman Mohan ’17 fixes his bike during his travel fellowship A Newfound Pedalgogy in 2014. Taken by Daniel Soo ’17, and found in his blog post Authenticity: The Game of The Tourist.

Great travellers have always been inspired by a sense of adventure, curiosity and appreciation of the inner journeys made possible through travel. In the words of Pico Iyer, “The most valuable Pacifics we explore will always be the vast expanses within us.”

In celebration of travel’s ability to expand our internal horizons, to challenge our assumptions, and teach us to engage with a complex and diverse world; the Centre for International & Professional Experience at Yale-NUS College presents the summer Travel Fellowship. This award offers our Travel Fellows the opportunity to create their own journeys, to explore questions and new horizons through the medium of solo and group travel. With this blog we hope to share these experiences and reflections with you, and help our travel fellows stay in touch over the summer.

“I feel far more confident navigating the world’s streets, asserting myself strongly when I feel wronged. But alongside that ‘hardening’ to the world is also a certain softening, a certain openness to unpredictable and unknown opportunities.”
— Graham Link, 2014 Travel Fellow, Singapore to Stockholm Overland

Feroz Khan ’18 and Sylvia Gan ’17 atop a mountain in Hami, Xinjiang during their Travel Fellowship Xi You Ji: Journey Along the Interface of Fact and Fiction in 2014. Photo credits to Willie Khoo ’17. Read the trio’s anthology of poetry titled The Further Shore.